Haynie & Zinno Power Rankings Week 7

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You’ve been waiting since the end of the Monday night game for this …

The world’s foremost authorities on power rankings have release their post-week 7 rankings.  Enjoy!  You can try to tell us we are wrong, but we are not!


1. FALCONS – undefeated before their bye. Let’s see who this team is after the bye.

2. TEXANS – just beat the snot out of a Ravens team that they never beat before.

3. GIANTS – typical first half for the G-men. Talk to me in 6 weeks.

4. BEARS – their defense looks like the ’85 Bears … on steroids.

5. 49ERS – showed the Seahawks who’s boss in the NFC West.

6. PACKERS – getting right at the right time. Aaron Rodgers won’t be denied.

7. RAVENS – the defense is in shambles. Never thought we’d say that about them.

8. PATRIOTS – I think even Belichek and Brady would say they were lucky this week.

9. VIKINGS – still hanging on and putting pressure on the NFC North.

10. SEAHAWKS – can’t deny that they will challenge every team for 60 minutes.

11. STEELERS – Big Ben continues to be the foundation of this team. He carries them.

12. BRONCOS – Peyton is in position to take control in the AFC West.

13. COWBOYS – they win in such unimpressive ways that their defense is forgotten.

14. EAGLES – fired their DC during the bye. Hope Vick fixed his turnover problems.

15. CARDINALS – it looks like the other shoe has almost totally dropped.

16. CHARGERS – I wonder if Philip Rivers whined through the entire bye week.

17. REDSKINS – each week Robert Griffin makes more of a believer … of everyone!

18. LIONS – defense: good. Offense: asleep. Special Teams: awful. Record: bad.

19. RAMS – the Packers were probably more than they could handle, even at home.

20. DOLPHINS – can change the course of their season with a win over the Jets.

21. JETS – can change the course of their season with a loss to the Dolphins.

22. BILLS – Ryan Fitzpatrick is supposed to win this team games. He’s losing them.

23. SAINTS – they dug too big of a hole. But they will challenge everyone from here.

24. COLTS – Andrew Luck will win more games his rookie year than Peyton did.

25. BUCCANEERS – Schiano has surprised me. They are competitive. Just not good.

26. BENGALS – for 30 minutes, Who Dey Nation was feeling good. It didn’t last.

27. TITANS – stole a win.  Hasslebeck will continue to start. Could steal some more.

28. RAIDERS – Carson Palmer was unimpressive again, but led his team to a win.

29. JAGUARS – lost MJD and Gabbert in same game. OUCH! They lost the game too.

30. PANTHERS – who would have seen Cam Newton playing this bad 12 months ago?

31. CHIEFS – Brady Quinn is the new starter.  Good luck with that Romeo.

32. BROWNS – they are comfortable in this spot. We are comfortable with them here.


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