New York City Police Officer & Univ. Of Md. Graduate Charged With Planning Cannibalism Attacks

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gilberto valle
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BALTIMORE (WJZ)– Kidnapping and cannibalism. A University of Maryland graduate and now New York City police officer is accused of plotting to torture, cook and eat the body parts of dozens of women.

Kai Jackson has details of the deeply disturbing case that’s still unfolding.

A man responsible for upholding the law is charged with a plot to violate it in a most gruesome way.

Gilberto Valle, 28, is charged with sickening ideas. Investigators say he had a plan of cannibalism. Residents in his Queens apartment building are shocked.

“It sounds like a movie, not anything real.”

Police say it’s a plot that stretched from Queens, N.Y. to here in Maryland.

According to the alumni page, Valle is a 2006 University of Maryland graduate who majored in psychology and criminal justice.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) apparently uncovered the alleged plot in chat rooms Valle was using.

According to charging documents, police say Valle, who is married and has a young daughter, plotted with an unnamed co-conspirator to kidnap women, rape them, then cook and eat their body parts.

One of the potential victims lives in Maryland.

Valle’s father says he just learned of the news.

Reporter: “Have you ever heard him talk about anything like this?”
Valle’s Father: “No.”
Reporter: “There’s never been any sort of discussion about cannibalism?”
Valle’s Father: “Never.”

Investigators say Valle kept files on 100 women, using information from a national crime database known as NCIC.

“It’s the kind of thing you only see on TV, really. And the fact that it’s in the building makes it extra,” said a resident who lives in the same Queens building as Valle.

Valle’s attorney said his client was living in a fantasy world. Still, he is charged with federal kidnapping conspiracy. He is a six-year veteran of the New York Police Department.

Charging documents say Valle never followed through on any of the acts he’s accused of plotting.

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