DUNDALK, Md. (WJZ)–In Baltimore County’s low-lying areas like Watersedge and Millers Island, flooding is a major concern.

Derek Valcourt takes a look at the severe flood damage there.

In the Watersedge community in Dundalk, folks woke up Tuesday morning to a mess. The tidal surge from the Chesapeake Bay came in and flooded out a number of backyards.

It was a sleepless night for those in waterfront communities. Those who did sleep may have awakened to find the bay in their backyards.

From Dundalk to Millers Island, WJZ found floodwaters in several Baltimore County communities bordering the bay.

“After Isabel, this was nothing,” said one.

Homeowners in flood-prone areas prepared for the worst and, at 4 a.m., county emergency crews began knocking on doors to alert some homeowners as high tide hit and crested the shoreline.

“Last night at high tide, it also had a particular wind gust at the same time, which I think caused the surge,” said one.

That surge from the bay affected many yards–so much water, some homes were completely surrounded.

But as the storm slowed and the surge with it, neighbors began counting their blessings, now hoping the next high tide won’t cause more high problems.

“Everyone watches out for each other,” said one.

Those storm waters also bring a lot of mess. Homeowners will clean up after that for a while.

Photo Gallery: Tracking Hurricane Sandy

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