The state of Ohio is a swing state so it only makes sense that the Ravens fan base is split with the results of week 9.

Baltimore came back to MD with a 25-15 win, on the road in division.  That’s good enough for many considering it takes the Ravens record to 6-2. The first quarter looked sharp, poised & nearly perfect en route to 14-0 lead and the last couple drives locked up the game. Flacco to Torrey for a TD and a Tucker FG sealed the deal.

BUT… between the start and finish is where the fans split.  Zero first downs on six straight possessions, zero points in the 2nd & 3rd quarters and just one first down in seven straight possessions. That’s bad anyway you slice it. As one current player told me “if that was a half decent team, the Browns would have beat us”.

The disconnect between the offense and itself is still very obvious to many and it has led to continued questioning of Cam Cameron.  It’s flow of the game, he losses it, is unaware of it or does not care about it. One thing we know is Ray Rice in space is the place to be, not up the middle possession after possession during the stalemate mid game. That said the 4th quarter TD drive saw Rice left, Rice right each working for first downs. As the season continues the coaches tell us that more run game will be seen, but can it be the proper run game and not just middle middle middle.

The Ravens are the perfect team for sports talk radio. They are very good and consistent but with large warts to keep the masses angry and on edge.

Football – Americans entertainment. Sports – Mans reality shows.

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