ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ)—It appears to be a big turnout at the polls across the state. Many voters reported waiting in line between one and two hours.

Meghan McCorkell has been monitoring voter turnout.

From early in the morning to later in the night, the lines to vote stretched out the door of polling places across Maryland.

“I really made the effort to get off early from work to get out here and vote,” said Courtney Bonaparte.

One Baltimore polling place opened 10 minutes later, causing some frustration.

“When we finally got in, they said they had to set up. They didn’t finish getting set up until maybe 7:35, 7:40,” said Tamera Jones.

Election judges at one city polling place tell WJZ they saw a significant increase in voters from the 2008 presidential race.

“There’s issues on the ballot that everybody needs to make a decision about,” said Harriet Jones.

That includes hot topics like same-sex marriage.

“I would definitely say Question 6. I feel strongly about Question 6,” said Nellie Hancock.

“For Question 6. I’m against it,” said one voter.

Another big issue is expanded gambling.

“I voted against Question 7. I didn’t believe in it,” said Jordan Bonaparte.

“For the casinos, for the money to go to the schools,” said Evelyn Turner.

These issues had voters lining up across the state to make their voices heard.

One election judge said one of the problems they had was the fact that they didn’t have wheelchairs to help elderly voters get from cars into the polling place. He said he saw one woman loan another her walker just so she could get inside to vote.

State election officials say nearly 12 percent of the state voted early.


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