Incumbent Ben Cardin Wins Senate By A Landslide

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Pat Warren joined the Eyewitness News team in 1992. Pat came to WJZ...
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ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ)—Marylanders are also electing a U.S. Senator. Incumbent Democrat Ben Cardin faced Republican Dan Bongino, Independent candidate Rob Sobhani and Libertarian Dean Ahmad. CBS News called the race for Senator Ben Cardin almost immediately.

Political reporter Pat Warren has more on how that race shaped up.

This is the kind of night every candidate dreams of—running against three opponents and learning you’ve won almost immediately after polls closed.

The ballot races are close, but this race wasn’t close at all. This was the only state-wide race on the ballot.

“Thanks to great friends like all of you who never lost track of our desire to connect with the voters of Maryland,” Cardin said. “I’m humbled by the support I received at the polls. I’ll do everything I can to work across party lines, and that’s what I’m going to do for the people of Maryland.”

An unexpected challenge in the Maryland U.S. Senate race put newcomers in the spotlight.

Senate incumbent Ben Cardin greeted voters in Little Italy.

“Election day’s always a good day,” Cardin said.

“Ah, you’re a shoo in,” one voter said.

“Thanks,” Cardin replied. “Appreciate your help.”

Marylanders were surprised to see the generally reserved Cardin hauling oysters and tossing luggage in his campaign ad.

They were also shocked to see his Libertarian opponent.

“Ben Cardin’s been in office 45 years. What’s he done?” Sobhani said in his campaign ad.

Sobhani gave challengers a run for their money with his own money. He spent millions trying to oust the incumbent Democrat and beat the Republican challenger.

“I believe we’re gonna surprise a lot of people on Election Day,” Sobhani said.

Bongino, in his first political campaign, voted Tuesday morning in Pasadena. The former secret service agent bills himself as an outsider changing government from the outside in.

“No matter the outcome it was a good fight with Senator Cardin and Mr. Sobhani, and it was an honor to me to be a part of it,” Bongino said.

Following his Election Day tradition of lunch in Little Italy, Cardin tells WJZ he was impressed by the turnout.

“It’s great to see the enthusiasm of the voters,” Cardin said. “They want to get there, and they’re waiting in line in order to vote.”

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