Yes…if the price is right. Of course, it seems unlikely they will.

Number one, they haven’t been players in the free agent market in years, and he is the top free agent available. Number two, they had a system that worked last year, and it did not involve bringing in high profile free agents. It was a great plan executed by Dan Duquette, and if he can be smarter than every GM in baseball again this off-season, all the power to him.

That said, it appears as though some of the typical players–Yankees, Dodgers, Tigers, Angels–aren’t interested in Hamilton. If that is true, and the price is driven down, something in the 5 year-115 million dollar range, I think the Orioles should take the plunge. Imagine what Hamilton could do to the line-up? Wouldn’t you buy tickets? Look, I doubt it will happen, but if the market doesn’t develop for Hamilton because of his baggage, I hope the Orioles bag sitting on the sidelines.


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