In San Diego the concerns about the Ravens offense was validated for 3 quarters of the game tallying just 3 points and struggling to do it.

There was good news however, on two fronts, Baltimore defense held their own and the Chargers from running away with the game.  The other side of this things is that San Diego is a bad team and that played right into the Ravens hands.

I’m not really sure what happened or how it happened but it happened and the Offense woke up!  One theory I’m working on is the backs against the wall theory. When Joe Flacco and the offense have their backs against the wall they just play, talent takes over and things start to progress. When there is time to think (away from M&T Bank Stadium) something happens and it tends to be bad for productivity.

That said the entire Ravens team has as much faith, trust, fight as any team I’ve seen. To play as bad as they did and still keep coming, still keep playing, still keep alive just incase, just to make a play and a play was made. Ray Rice on 4th and 29 caught a dump off pass from Flacco and turned it into a miracle and the game tying field goal.

Stress level at its highest and the game getting away from them, Baltimore never said quit, won the game and got to 9-2. I’ve got no idea how but I’m thrilled.

Not to be a downer but the offensive line is a joke and is a large cause for the offensive issues. Jay Reid is not the answer at LG and everyone knows it. KO had guys flying past him at LT and Birk for all he is to the team can’t block the better half of the leagues defenders and its becoming a issue. Big picture is Baltimore is 9-2 with lots of improvement to be had, that’s good news because if they do get better the NFL better watch out.


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