After a beautiful day Monday, Tuesday will be a different story.

Sunshine helped warm us up to 54 degrees Monday afternoon. That is actually above the average of 52 degrees, during a month that has had more days below average vs. above average. However, clouds will be coming in at night, then some wintry weather is possible Tuesday.

The storm moving our way has a few different parts and isn’t that well formed. It will gain some organization as it moves south of us Tuesday, throwing moisture into some cold air. What you get depends on where you live:

-I-95 corridor…It will be a rain/snow mix to start with some outlying areas featuring slippery roads at the very beginning. However, temperatures will get to near 40 Tuesday afternoon, so the roads will just be wet. When the sun sets Tuesday, temperatures will start dropping and go below freezing Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning. That’s when we could get some icy spots on the road.
-Southern Md. and most of the Eastern Shore…this will be a rain event.
-Western Md. (starting in western Carroll Co./Frederick Co.) and southern Pa. …this is where we could get some accumulating snow. 1-3″ is possible, with slush mixed in.

The storm will get out of here early Wednesday. Even though temperatures will remain below average for a few days, we will still be back in the 40s with sunshine returning. The next storm doesn’t move our way until possibly this weekend at the earliest.


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