This is an incredibly hard question to answer. If we take a look at the top 4 teams, there are reasons to like and dislike every team.

The Houston Texans in my opinion appear to be the best overall team, but it seems like their offense and defense never play well in the same game.  They have had a blowout loss to the Packers at home and ugly games against the Jets and Lions.

The New England Patriots look good right now after 2 blowout wins and will all know they have the talent to be there in the end, but they have played down to the level of their opponent in a few games.  They have losses to the Ravens( which hurts in a head to head tiebreaker), the Seahawks, and a bad loss to the Cardinals at home.

The Denver Broncos seem to be clicking at the right time, with a defense that has been playing well and an offense that’s capable of putting up 30 points a game.  The Broncos have lost to the 3 best teams they have faced including the Patriots, Falcons, and Texans.  They were all early in the season and the Broncos could run the table.

The Ravens have looked like Jekyll and Hyde when it comes to playing at home or on the road.  Yet they still find ways to win ball games.  The Ravens have wins over the Patriots and still have a game left against the Broncos but they lose the tiebreaker to the Texans.  The top 2 seeds are up for grabs, who do you think will get them?


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