HAVANA (WJZ) — Another twist in the case of a Maryland man accused of spying on Cuba. There’s a new debate over his current health and predictions that he could be released.

Adam May has the latest.

There were rumors that the Cuban government would make a major announcement about the case of Alan Gross Wednesday, but instead we’re getting conflicting reports about his health.

New pictures of Alan Gross, a Marylander accused of spying on Cuba, show he’s lost more than 100 pounds since he was locked up in 2009. For moths, Gross’ supporters have been arguing he’s ill and should be released on humanitarian grounds.

Now, a New York rabbi and doctor who just visited Gross in Cuba says, “Alan Gross does not have any cancerous growth at this time, at least based on the studies I was shown and based on the examination.”

Gross’ family fired back with their own medical review, calling the examination hopeful but not definitive and demanding another independent opinion.

“He looks like a concentration camp victim. He’s bony; his ribs are sticking out,” said Judy Gross, Gross’ wife.

Gross is serving a 15-year prison sentence for crimes against Cuba. He claims he was simply setting up Internet access for a small Jewish community there.

The case has chilled relations between Cuba and the U.S.  Both sides are pointing fingers and making demands.

“We call on the government of Cuba to release him,” said Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

“The lack of interest is not on the Cuban side but on the U.S. side,” said a Cuban official.

Gross’ family is suing the U.S. government to take further action, promising to fight until the Montgomery County husband and father is home.

The rabbi who met with Gross says Cuban officials told him they are willing to sit down and discuss the case.

Earlier this month, Gross’ family also filed a lawsuit against his Maryland employer for failing to disclose the risk.


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