The basic theme to the forecast we have had for a couple of days remains in place Saturday morning with really only a couple of minor differences. The only change that most people will notice is the slowing down by a few hours of the cold front Tuesday night Wednesday morning. So our forecast now reflects a shower possible Wednesday morning.

Saturday morning, we have high pressure moving into northern Maine that has forced a cold front southward that sits from the Delmarva peninsula, then snaked back northwestward into northwest PA. The combination of the frontal boundary to the south and the high to the north is causing the flow to be out of the east-northeast. With this set up, we expect some low clouds to fill in over the area, especially BWI on north and west and east, over the next hour and last most of the morning. There is also some fog in parts of the area, especially Delaware and eastern Maryland. Any solid low clouds and fog should erode as we head later into the morning and that puts us breaking into a partly sunny sky for the rest of Saturday.


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