Warm again Tuesday before we get a dose of December reality.

We hit 70 degrees Monday and are going to top out near 70 again Tuesday.  The record Monday was 72 degrees and Tuesday’s record is 74 degrees.  It will be close, but maybe a little short.  However, the average for this time of year is only 49 degrees.  A cold front coming our way will drop us below average by Thursday.

Morning clouds and fog will mix with sunshine, and then a new round of clouds will come back in Tuesday night as the front approaches.  A few showers or a little rain are possible late Tuesday night into the first half of  Wednesday before that front leaves.  Winds will turn around to the north Wednesday, bringing in that cooler air.  We will start the day around 50 degrees Wednesday, and not go up much from there – topping out at 58 degrees.  The core of the cool air will set up right over us Thursday.  There will be a lot of sunshine, but highs won’t get out of the mid 40s.

Clouds will be back on the increase Friday with a warm front.  A shower is possible with the warm front Friday, with the chance for scattered showers from the cold front part of the storm Saturday and Sunday.  Warmer air will make another push into the Mid-Atlantic during this time as highs get back to near 60 degrees.


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