Here are our power rankings for this week. The top keeps changing … the bottom does not!


1. FALCONS – it won’t be long before they lock up home-field advantage in the NFC.

2. TEXANS – they finally dominated a lesser opponent. It was only a matter of time.

3. PATRIOTS – have not lost a game in the 2nd half of the season since 2009.

4. BRONCOS – still the most dangerous team in the AFC and possibly the NFL.

5. 49ERS – can’t beat the Rams. Thankful for them they beat mostly everyone else.

6. RAVENS – it was a game they could have won, should have won. But they didn’t.

7. PACKERS – the Bears keep allowing them back in the NFC North race. They’ll take it.

8. COLTS – Andrew Luck is the NFL Rookie of the Year. His play is better than his numbers show.

9. BEARS – their defense isn’t what it was 6 weeks ago. Their offense still is. Not good.

10. SEAHAWKS – Russell Wilson continues to impress and win. In the playoff race.

11. GIANTS – they never make it easy and easily could 10 wins and a division title.

12. STEELERS – survived 3 games without Ben. Expect them to be there in the end.

13. BENGALS – winners of 4 in a row. Easy to count them out, but don’t.

14. BUCCANEERS – when they play good teams, they look a lot different.

15. REDSKINS – Alfred Morris is a bigger part of RG3’s success than he is given credit.

16. VIKINGS – playoff teams win on the road in this league. The Vikings don’t.

17. COWBOYS – still alive in the NFC East. Enough to keep Garrett and Romo around.

18. RAMS – don’t count this team out in any game. That’s the mark of Jeff Fisher.

19. SAINTS – their playoff hopes pretty much ended in the loss to the Falcons.

20. DOLPHINS – always remember who your daddy is. For the Fins, it’s the Pats.

21. BILLS – barely keeping themselves alive in the AFC playoff picture.

22. LIONS – for people who complain about winning close games, ask the Lions about losing them.

23. JETS – ladies and gentlemen, your new starting QB of the Jets, Greg McElroy!

24. CARDINALS – they are setting offense back 50 years in the NFL. Need a QB badly.

25. BROWNS – showing signs of life and Brandon Weeden is a blessing for that club.

26. CHARGERS – bye-bye Norv. It’s only a matter of time, but now seems good.

27. TITANS – injuries at QB have de-railed this season for the team.

28. PANTHERS – on the wrong end of an emotional game against the Chiefs.

29. EAGLES – I hope Michael Vick didn’t buy a house in Philly. If so, it’s now for sale.

30. RAIDERS – is there one area that this team is any good?

31. CHEIFS – can’t even imagine what it was like playing this past Sunday.

32. JAGUARS – do they really think that Chad Henne is the future?


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