I do believe that the Ravens will stick with Joe Flacco and try to get a long-term deal with him.  They win with him at quarterback. However, internally, they have to wonder how far they can go with him, and how much to pay him.

Franchising Joe is a huge commitment. Top 5 money for a QB who has never been to a Pro Bowl…too much. Yes, they can win a Super Bowl with Flacco. I believe he is good enough. However, I also think that he has not progressed the last two years the way one would have anticipated.

They are succeeding with Joe.  That said, he is not carrying them the way great quarterbacks do.  He is talented, and he is good.  It will be interesting to see, in 5 years, whether they have a ton of playoff appearances, but lack in Super Bowls or not.  Donovan McNabb and Andy Reid won a lot of games and went to a lot of NFC Championships, but will Philly fans appreciate that, or look back at the lack of Super Bowls?

  1. deltasweetiepi says:

    We need to explore out options. Too many eggs in one basket and that egg is not producing.

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