After licking their wounds from a devastating home loss to the division rival Steelers. The Ravens will look to stop the red hot Redskins who have won three straight games and are back in the NFC East chase. This “beltway battle” has some extra flavor to it this time around. With the emergence of Rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III, and the injuries to the Ravens. Yet the Ravens are still 9-3, and need to finish with at least 2 more wins before qualifying for the playoffs , for a 5th straight year

As far as the “rivalry” and the importance of the game, Head Coach John Harbaugh said, “I don’t know. I’m not in the business really of determining and judging what …It seems like a rivalry to me. For us, and maybe it’s just how I think, every game seems like a rivalry. We play the Browns; it’s a big rivalry. We play the Bengals; it’s a big rivalry. Those are obviously division games. I felt like Philadelphia was a rivalry when we played them. We certainly feel like Washington is a rivalry this week. Maybe that’s just the way it works in this league, but it’s a big game.” It is certainly important that the Ravens finish strong. Since Harbaugh has taken over the helm , the team has a total of 58 victories, which ranks second most in the NFL, only behind the New England Patriots. The Ravens will need to make adjustments and be fully prepared for R.G. III , their defense must contain him, and since November 4th, the Ravens have allowed 16.2 points per game, which ranks second in football just behind the Bengals.

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QB Joe Flacco, who is 4-2 on the road so far , claims “The team is always unfazed after a loss. There’s always a little bit of extra urgency after a loss, for whatever reason. I don’t know if it’s a bad thing or a good thing. But we are [calm]. We are always calm, cool and collected and confident around here. It’s just because of the types of players we have and the types of coaches we have. We understand that we have to move on and get ready for this week.” There is a lot riding on this game for both teams, with the Redskins still looking to make a playoff push. It would be the Redskins first playoff appearances since 2007. The Purple and Black, have just as much to play for, as they try to inch closer to clinching another post-season berth and securing a second straight AFC North Title. By the way , Ravens lead the all –time series , 3-1 with their last victory coming in 2008 ..



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