The “Battle of the Beltway” goes to the Redskins this time, 31-28 in OT.

Now, the Ravens who were talking about clinching just two weeks ago, are suddenly slipping. They have gone from being a completely confident team, to a highly questionable one with plenty of holes. The Ravens, for a second straight week allowed a back up QB beat them as Kirk Cousins beat them on this occasion. No time for panic, though . The Ravens are still 9-4, even with the defeat; they still have the division lead over the Steelers in the AFC North. After Pittsburgh and Cincinnati both lost. It also marked the 1st time Coach Harbaugh’s team had dropped consecutive games since 2009 . Although their goal is still “attainable.”


Paul Kruger said that, “It’s just a killer to come down here, play a full game and then lose the game like we did, it’s rough. We have to do whatever we need to do to get back this week.” The Ravens linebackers had a terrible time covering Robert Griffin III all day. Safety Ed Reed was almost nowhere to be found, and there was not anyone to punish receivers after the catch. The Ravens have allowed long gains and deciding drives in the fourth quarter, for a 2nd straight week. The Ravens even struggled mightily against rookie running back Alfred Morris, who finished with 122 yards . With their last three games determining their playoff fate, the Ravens will have to dig down deep and get a sense of urgency, to find a way to win. Especially with Peyton Manning on his way to town




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