By Mike Hellgren

BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Scare on campus. A seventh-grader says several adults viciously attacked her outside the principal’s office at Calverton Middle School in West Baltimore.

Mike Hellgren has the exclusive story.

She hasn’t come back to class. Her mom says another parent was involved and fears for her daughter’s safety.

Angie Harper shows WJZ the police report and witness statements from an attack on her daughter, Cherise Harper.

She says it happened at Calverton Middle School when a parent waiting in the principal’s office confronted Cherise, who was doing an errand for a teacher.

She says several more people with that parent got involved, including another adult, and things turned violent.

“An officer was on the phone telling me to get to the school immediately. ‘Your child has been attacked,’” Angie Harper said.

“Her hair was out.  Her clothes were ripped off,” she described. “The door had got shut with a secretary there.”

“I felt I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. They just all started swinging and started beating me up,” said Cherise Harper. “I’m kind of attached to that school now, and it’s going to be sad if I have to go to a different school because of something somebody did to me.”

A city schools spokeswoman refused to do an interview but confirmed the incident happened and said school police did respond.  She says the matter is now in the hands of the district court, and what she called “appropriate disciplinary action taken by school administration.”

But the victim’s mom disagrees and wants to make sure the adults she believes are behind her daughter’s attack are not allowed unsupervised on campus again.

“My daughter is really upset, and I don’t know what a parent can say to a child that this happened to.  There’s really nothing you can say,” Angie Harper said. “If I send my child to school, what’s going to happen?”

WJZ could find no formal charges filed in the case in a search of court records.  Angie Harper says she will likely have her daughter transferred to another school because she is scared this could happen again.

Meantime, she says she has hired a lawyer after she was told that she could face trouble because she hasn’t sent her daughter to class.  But she hasn’t done so because she fears for her safety.

Cherise Harper had attended the school for two years and says she never had any problems like this before.


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