BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Jacoby Jones has been a key addition to the Ravens this season. Who can forget that critical touchdown against the Steelers and the dance that followed?

Jones showed Mary Bubala how he works on his moves on the field and when he reaches the end zone.

It’s thrilling to watch Jacoby Jones sprint down the field and score a touchdown. But it’s just as fun to see what end zone dance he’s going to roll out for fans.

No surprise, Jones was a track star in high school. This guy is so fast. So far has had three incredible return touchdowns for the Ravens.

“I just run as fast as possible,” Jones said.

Bubala: “And when do you know that you are going to make it?”

“I know that when I am at home. That’s why I love Ravens Nation so much. The crowd. When the ball gets kicked to me, it gets quiet. I can hear my own heartbeat, as soon as I catch it, I hit the seam, it just goes waah. I’m like ‘I’m gone,’” Jones described.

The Ravens picked up Jones from the Houston Texans after he was released last season.

JJ, as some Ravens fans call him, has quickly become a special teams dynamo. He was just named the AFC Special Teams Player of the Month for his incredible returns, including a 108 yard kickoff return that tied for the longest in NFL history!

When he plays, Jones literally leaves it all out on the field.

“I throw up every time I run back. I am really pumped. I get to the sidelines and just ‘blaaah,’” Jones said with a laugh.

Cameras don’t show that, but they do show his celebratory end zone dances, and we’ve seen a few different ones.

“I never run out of touchdown dances,” Jones told reporters after a game. “I have plenty of them. I’m trying to get on ‘Dancing With The Stars.’ I’ve got plenty of dances left. Trust me.”

After a punt return against Pittsburgh, Jones threw out this dance–and fans couldn’t figure out what he was doing:

“The one I have been doing lately is the Chopper City Juke,” Jones said. “It’s a dance that comes from the Florida area.”

Jones found the dance on YouTube and then put his own twist on it.

Jones is full of personality and fun to be around, but he’s also a force to be reckoned with on the field.

Off the field, Jones has some good moves, too. WJZ caught up with him Tuesday in Waverly as he joined other members of the team at the Weinberg Family Center Y to give out holiday dinner baskets to 150 area families.


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