BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Down to the wire. Shoppers are in the final push before their presents have to be bought, wrapped and placed under the tree.

Some last minute shoppers have an interesting strategy to check everything off their list. Gigi Barnett takes a look.

“This is my strategy,” said Jennifer Mauldin.

Less than 48 hours to go to wrap up Christmas shopping and Jennifer Mauldin has a plan. It’s called “the list.”

“Yes, many people on my list. It’s two pages long and lots of notes and lots of scribble,” she said.

It’s one strategy that may put her ahead of dozens of others of last minute shoppers at the Pandora store in Towson Town Center this weekend.

The mall says there’s another game plan that cuts down time and saves cash.

“Get here early before the line. Get a good parking spot. Lots of great sales going on, so if you did wait until the last minute, you can get some good deals,” said Senior Marketing Manager Annie Wildasin.

Retailers are ready and waiting.

Wildasin says stores are marking down even more, just for the last minute crowd.

“I’m last minute,” said Bruce Stevenson.

Stevenson doesn’t have a lengthy list, but he does have a strategy: don’t waste valuable time driving to different stores.

“From here, I have to go over to the Guitar Center, which is right around the corner, so I have a little circuit. Hopefully I’ll be finished by the end of the day,” he said.

Experts say Black Friday came early this year so last minute shoppers really had more time to buy presents.

“I haven’t [bought for] my wife yet so I saved the best for last,” said Brad Shepherd.

Technically, Shepherd isn’t a last minute shopper. His strategy: shop before going to stores.

“It’s all online. We don’t do much mall shopping,” Shepherd said. “Normally I wouldn’t do this except it’s a fun day with my daughters.”

Retailers are hoping to get as many last minute shoppers in as possible; many of them have extended hours this weekend.


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