We got a break from the wind and clouds today, but that will change starting tomorrow.  Clouds are already on the way back in tonight, and the first of 3 storms will arrive tomorrow.  It’s not going to be a strong one, but will bring a mix of weather to Maryland.  A freezing rain advisory has been posted for Garrett County from 5AM-1PM tomorrow, while a mix of sleet/snow showers/rain showers will overspread the rest of the state.  The mix will change to all rain before ending Tuesday morning from Hagerstown down to Baltimore, while southern Maryland and most of the Easter Shore (except the far north) will be mainly rain.  There is not a huge amount of moisture with this storm, so anything falling will be light.

Any rain showers early Tuesday will get out of here with sunshine returning for Christmas.  And temperatures won’t be that bad, jumping back to the mid 40s.  Then, a second storm will move our way.

This second storm may arrive as early as Tuesday night with the bulk of it Wednesday into the first half of Thursday.  This storm will be strengthening and pick up more moisture as it cuts across the Deep South and then turns up the coast.  The rain/snow/sleet zone will set up right over Maryland.  Stay tuned for the details to this one, because it could cause more of a disruption to all the holiday travel going on this week.

Each storm will drag down even colder air with it.  And that will set the stage for the third storm Saturday into Sunday.  Of course, that’s still a week away but could make for a cold New Year’s Eve.


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