BALTIMORE (WJZ) –Supporters are reacting to the news that Morgan State University’s president is staying on the job, at least for another year. Weeks after the Board of Regents decided not to renew Dr. David Wilson’s contract, members had a change of heart.

Rochelle Ritchie has more on the unexpected turnaround.

David Wilson is back on the job. The decision was made Friday after hundreds came out to show their support for the university’s president.

In less than a month, a controversial decision by Morgan State University’s Board of Regents has now been reversed.

“I am overjoyed by the fact they made that decision,” said Morgan State University Professor Yvonne Bronner. “I do believe it will be great for our students, our university and the community around it.”

On Dec. 10, the university announced it would not renew the contract of President David Wilson in June.

Wilson had been the university’s president for less than three years.

“It is hard for me to love any institute more than I love Morgan State University,” said Wilson.

The board’s decision to end his career was answered with backlash from students.

“I don’t understand why they would take something so precious away from us knowing how much we care about him,” said one student.

Petitions and rallies were held to keep Wilson employed.

“Keep President Wilson in your prayers and in your emails to Governor O’Malley and to the Board of Regents,” said one person.

Those prayers were answered on Friday. Nearly 100 students, alumni and staff spoke at the board meeting in Wilson’s defense. In the end, he was back on the job.

“I just believe we are going to have renewed energy in supporting him and moving forward,” said Bronner.

The decision to not renew Wilson’s contract came with little explanation.

“No, I have not received any explanation,” Wilson said.

Many wonder if the repeated violence on campus, including two shootings, may have supported their original decision.

The board did not give an explanation as to why they decided this time to renew Wilson’s contract. That will be renegotiated at the end of January.

Wilson met with board members for more than three hours to keep his position.


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