I grew up a Baltimore Colts fan. Lived and died with them every Sunday. When they were down 17 points with three minutes left, I would think of the scenarios that could take place that would lead them to victory.


(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

In March of 1984, that all changed. The Colts moved to Indianapolis. After a period of mourning, my emotions turned to hatred. Because I no longer had a team to root for, I had a real hard time watching the NFL that season.

Move ahead to 1995 when the Cleveland Browns relocated to Baltimore and became the Ravens. It actually took me a couple of seasons to embrace them.

But when I did accept them as my new football team, I did so with all of my NFL-loving heart.

As the Ravens blossomed into a perennial league power, new rivalies were established. The Pittsburgh Steelers became public enemy numero uno to me.

The sting of the Colts leaving still lingered, but I no longer felt as though I wanted the Hoosier Dome to collapse in the middle of a game.

I began to realize that my devotion to the Ravens was a much stronger feeling than any dislike I could possibly have for any club.

Including the Indianapolis Colts.

Do I root for the Colts to win? No.

Then again, I don’t root for the 49’ers either.

My point is, I have always been a fan of the Baltimore Colts. The Indy Colts are just another team to me.

I no longer hate them.



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