BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The people who bring the circus to town also are responsible for Disney characters skating across the floor at the arena downtown.

Mike Schuh reports they have said thank you to Baltimore in a special way.

The line curved around the Baltimore arena. To be first in the line, Josh Otis waited nearly three hours.

“My 4-year-old; he’s in school right now. Warned if I didn’t get these, he’d probably gut me,” Otis said.

Their time in line is worth money as tickets are very discounted.

“They’re a dollar,” Otis said.

A buck, a dollar, four quarters to have his kid Junon see the Disney on Ice show.

Not Ray Lewis money, but hey.

“Oh, it makes a big difference because there are 10 kids I want to bring even though there is a six ticket limit,” said Valerie Myers.

That limit is of concern to those who did not wait nearly three hours: those at the end.

“I hope so. Maybe they can limit the number of tickets per person,” said Stacy Cobb, who was the 153rd person in line.

Overall, there were 450 tickets just a dollar each, and they’re in a good section.

So why is the promoter doing this?

“This is their way of saying thank you to Baltimore,” said Disney on Ice spokesperson Edie Brown.

As for Cobb, the tickets ran out 20 people before her, but she still bought four. Everyone else in line got a $5 per ticket discount.

Disney will bring nine performances to town starting on Feb. 6.


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