BALTIMORE (WJZ) — One of the most dangerous gangs in the country comes crumbling apart. The supreme leader from Baltimore County will now spend the rest of his life in prison.

Adam May has more.

They operate in just about every major jail and prison across the state of Maryland. The gang Dead Man Incorporated is considered a major threat to public safety.

“This is a gang that allegedly began here in jails and prisons in Maryland and now is operating on the streets and it has extended beyond the state,” said Maryland State’s Attorney Rod Rosenstein.

It’s been one year since the area’s top law enforcement officials announced 22 federal indictments on charges, including four murders, planning four additional murders, armed robbery, drug trafficking and extortion.

Now DMI’s “supreme leader,” Perry Roark–also called Saho the Ghost–has been sentenced to life in prison. He allegedly ran the criminal enterprise from behind bars, planning murders and drug deals.

“DMI, for many years, has terrorized communities in Maryland,” said Maryland State Police Superintendent Marcus Brown.

Dead Man Incorporated has been linked to countless crimes across the Baltimore metro. Just weeks ago, police arrested Michael Golden, a suspected member accused of dealing drugs. Police found a three-foot alligator inside his Jessup trailer home.

Other members of DMI facing charges went by the nicknames “Mom,” “The Fuehrer,” “Skinny Pimp” and “Fat Boy.”

“We believe that the key to continuing to reducing the violent crime and murder rate in Baltimore City and in the state is to target the gangs and the leaders who are fomenting this violence,” said Rosenstein.

Another founder of the gang, James Sweeney, pleaded guilty in September.


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