We are statistically in our coldest stretch of the year. From Jan. 8 to Jan. 24, our average high of 41 degrees and average low of 24 degrees are the lowest that we will have all year long. But we are living way above average these days. We topped out at 52 degrees Tuesday afternoon, with highs expected to be 10-15 degrees above average through Friday and closer to 20 degrees above average this weekend. This is happening at the same time that the official numbers from 2012 came in, recording the warmest year on record.

There is going to be some cold air in the country; it will plunge into the West. That will allow the jet stream to pump up over the East, pumping up the warm air for the weekend. This weather pattern will also keep the stormiest weather across the West, with storms weakening significantly as they move off to the East. One weakening storm will bring clouds and maybe some showers Thursday night into Friday. Another over the weekend, late Saturday into Sunday.

There are signs that our extreme warmth will break down late next week or weekend. We will keep you updated on that.


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