BALTIMORE COUNTY, Md. (WJZ) — Baltimore County school leaders say they’ll hire more teachers in the upcoming school year. Gigi Barnett explains safety workers are also on the help wanted list.

Baltimore County classrooms need more teachers. At least 125 teachers have been added to the new hire list. It’s what new School Superintendent Dr. Dallas Dance is proposing in his $1 billion budget for his 2013-2014 school year. Dance says it’s a tight budget for the state’s third largest district.

“This budget that we propose, the $1.3 billion, does not meet the needs of Baltimore County. We have more needs than we have fiscal resources,” Dance said.

Dance says he’s looking ahead to the next five years when enrollment in Baltimore County will jump significantly.

“We’re projecting 1,400 just for the next school year and with the additional students, we need to make sure that our classrooms are staffed,” Dance said.

But the new teachers will cost the district nearly $5 million more and Dance won’t say just yet exactly what type of instructor he’s looking to hire or where they will teach.

“We have some really, really great schools in Baltimore County. We have some schools that need additional improvements at a quicker pace and we need to make sure our staffing allocations reflect that work,” Dance said.

Also on Dance’s list of new hires: more security workers and safety equipment after two gun incidents on school grounds within a matter of weeks. Still, Dance says the billion dollar budget isn’t enough.

“When your enrollment increases, it lets your community know that you’re on the right track,” Dance said.

Baltimore County has 107,000 students.


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