Oh yes. Baseball.

America’s Pastime. The Grand Ole Game.

Call it what you will.

It has always been, and always will be, my favorite sport. As a kid, I remember walking up the ramp of Memorial Stadium and being filled with anticipation as I waited to get my first glimpse of the diamond. When we finally got to our seats, it was like you made it to baseball heaven.

Baseball heaven, to some players, is in Cooperstown, New York. The greatest performers is the history of the sport are immortalized is this fine museum.

Well, maybe not.

The Baseball Writer’s Association of America, on Wednesday, decided that no one was worthy of induction into the HOF class of 2013.

Bob Haynie Sounds Off; LISTEN:

For the first time since 1996, no players were voted in.

Zip. Donut. Nada.

The reason seems to be the so-called “Steriod Era” of the ’90’s, where stats and player’s salaries escalated.

Members of the BWAA were covering the games and writing on a daily basis about the greatness that they were witnessing.

Then a disgrutled former All-Star, Jose Canseso, wrote a book accusing many big-name baseball stars of using PED’s to get a competitive edge.

All of the sudden, we had congressional hearings and Mitchell Reports.


Everyone then became moralists.

How dare they soil my sacred game. People were outraged.

Well, we are all guilty of the soiling. We all bought tickets. We all watched the games. We all cheered for those tainted stars and rooted for our team to win.

No matter what.

Players, owners, writers and fans all knew what was happening. But nobody cared.

Now the BWAA is making a statement. If you played during that era, you will be punished.

The same members of the BWAA who got paid to sit in those press boxes, eat for free and watch those tainted games, will forever judge an era that will never be forgotten.

For all of the wrong reasons.

The Baseball Hall of Fame.

Where the all-time hits leader, the all-time homerun leader and the all-time leader in Cy Young Awards, are not welcome.



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