Took the high to 53 Thursday, otherwise forecast from earlier looks good. With thicker clouds and some rain coming in Friday it should be a tad cooler than Thursday. While the weekend looks quite mild I am concerned that light pressure gradients and high amounts of low-level moisture may be hindrances in getting the temperature as high as it could otherwise be.

Otherwise, there are some high, thin clouds in the area early Thursday. We’re anticipating dry weather for the balance of Thursday. It’ll also be a fairly sunny afternoon, and temperatures should be mostly in the lower 50s. As a high pressure system begins to drift to the east of the area Thursday night, we’ll see clouds increasing as a warm front starts to slowly press eastward across the central Appalachians.

There should be a little rain and some drizzle Friday, and then the weekend will be noticeably warmer.

While Saturday’s temperature forecast is still in question, because there may be some low clouds and fog around during the morning, which may have a tough time getting mixed out if there isn’t enough wind, there is almost just as much potential for Sunday to be warmer than what we’re currently bargaining for.

There’ll be a series of waves of low pressure early next week, which will be sliding across the eastern third of the nation. However, as we mentioned Wednesday, the iron clad ridge of high pressure located near the Atlantic coast is still going to take some time to get broken down. So, we should be allowing for some rain here on Monday as one of these ripples of energy moves along the spine of the Appalachians.


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