LAUREL, Md. (WJZ) — Racehorse on the loose. A routine day at Laurel Park Racetrack becomes anything but when one of the horses makes a break for it.

Vic Carter has more.

It’s a sight that Laurel Park won’t soon forget. A racehorse galloping straight down Route 1.

Jockey Abel Castellano captured the breakaway on cell phone video.

He even clocked the horse’s incredible speed, 30 miles per hour. It sped down the highway without a rider.

The thoroughbred named Bullet Catcher escaped after a morning workout at the racetrack and morning commuters took notice.

Calls to 911 flooded in.

“Um, there’s a horse running south on Route 1 past the roller skating rink,” said female caller, “Yes, right in the middle of Route 1.”

“It’s in Howard County right now, but it’s heading toward Prince George’s,” said a male caller.

“The horse is literally on the main road. It looks like someone is trying to secure it right now,” said another woman.

For more than a mile and a half, no one could catch Bullet Catcher.

Then one of the Laurel trainers finally caught up with him and took him home to Laurel Park, back where he belongs.

Bullet Catcher suffered some abrasions on his feet from that wild ride, but besides that he’s doing just fine.

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