By Mike Schuh

ARBUTUS, Md. (WJZ) — If you’ve seen a bit more pink and green sprinkled in with all the purple, it’s because an international sorority has come to town for its annual convention.

As Mike Schuh reports, their mission means good deeds being spread around the city.

It takes more than donated food to run this packing line.

“This is when we need volunteers the most especially big groups like this,” said Kate Sam of the Maryland Food Bank.

These are the sisters of Alpha Kappa Alpha.

“This is our national founders day, 105 years of service,” said Mona Calhoun of AKA Mid-Atlantic.

Service is what this sorority does. 17 sisters are here and a lot more are doing similar projects all over the city.

“We’re around the city doing service projects, about 1300 undergrad and graduate members in town working on different areas, 1300 in Baltimore this weekend,” said Deanna McCray-James of AKA Baltimore.

Deanna lives in Baltimore, but this is an international conference.

Bethsheba Gibbs came to Baltimore from AKA Bahamas.

Her sacrifice is exactly what charities like the food bank need.

“So last year we had 8700 volunteers come through our doors. They donated 26,000 hours of time, saving us $600,000 in staffing costs,” said Sam.

“Well, it makes me feel great to know that I’m doing something that can help others,” said Gibbs.

A helping hand from those who realize giving more than money makes us all richer.

The ladies of AKA will continue sending out groups of volunteers all weekend long.


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