An overall mild to warm pattern today into Monday with the peak of the warmth probably coming tomorrow. High pressure will be reconsolidating to the south off the coast of the Carolinas over the next 24 hours. This morning, we have the weak little wave that brought up the dose of rain midday into evening yesterday sitting off the coast to our northeast. This little feature is “splitting” the surface high pressure ridge to the north from the bigger surface high off the Southeast Coast will keep out flow light today. That light flow has allowed some fog and low clouds to hang in this morning even though the light rain has exited well to the northeast. The fog is locally dense and an advisory is out until 10 am. That leads to the question of if and when the clouds break. Models are pretty consistent in showing the moisture is shallow enough that even despite light flow, some sun will break out today. Not a guarantee though, and if the clouds hang tough, temperatures will struggle. The clouds and fog, perhaps locally dense will fill
back in tonight. The southerly flow should break through a little more tomorrow, though not strong at the surface, and this will help temperatures rise over today.

We also have the wave of low pressure developing down in Texas today along the front that moves to Arkansas this evening, then up near Lake Erie tomorrow morning, then northeastward from there. That will also help draw some of the warm air northward. Again, we should have occasional sunshine tomorrow after fog and low clouds to start. The front will stay far enough to the west that we should remain dry tomorrow though a sprinkle or drizzle is possible to start the day.

That front will approach from the west tomorrow night which will push some rain into our area. There will still be some wet weather to start Monday as the front moves through. Temperatures are tricky Monday. After the mild start, (but cooler than tomorrow), temperatures will fall off during the day.


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