The Ravens did get an extra day to prepare for the Patriots, which should be a huge benefit as this team gets ready for one of the biggest game in their Franchise history, at least for linebacker Ray Lewis. The team will travel to Foxborough for the A-F-C Championship game, for the second straight year, linebacker Ray Lewis said, “I think, going back to last year, we made up our mind at the end of the year that wasn’t for us. That’s just kind of how the seasons go. That’s kind of how things go. For us to be back here again, same position, same situation, who would have thought of it but us? Would we have wanted the opposite? Why wouldn’t you? The bottom line the cards were dealt a certain way, so we’re back here. My job as a leader and just being back here is to just always keep the guys focused, always keep the guys’ eyes on the real prize, and that’s each other. That’s each other, because if we keep our eyes on each other, then everything else- no matter what comes at us – we’ll be OK.” These two teams will be battling for a chance to play for the Lombardi trophy. Yes, it will be a very challenging contest, and one that will be tough in the trenches. On paper, it might be intimidating going on the road to New England and facing Tom Brady with their high powered offense. However , the Purple and Black have 26 road victories (including playoffs) during the John Harbaugh Era (since 2008), tying New England for the N-F-L’s most road wins during that span…And Ray is looking for 1 more ….

John Madden, commenting on Joe Flacco, told KCBS in San Francisco. “He has a little inconsistently and he is really good, I mean he is a big guy he is strong, throws a great pass, and does all those things and then the minute you think, you know I hate the term elite quarterback, because I don’t think it means anything but, the minute you think he is a top quarterback he’ll have a real bad game.” He did state during that segment, he does like Flacco, although he’s been “ just inconsistent” . These next two games could go a long way in defining his career…

For the Ravens to succeed, they MUST take care of the football, the Pats forced 20 interceptions during the regular season, which ranked 6th in the N-F-L. Flacco’s last INT was in week 15 against the Broncos. He said, “I was pretty unhappy about it, and rather than possibly making the game 10-7, it was 17-0. I think I do a pretty good job of taking care of the ball on a consistent basis. Things like that happen, and you have to be willing to deal with it and come out to play the way that you think you can. I think that’s all that has been happening.” He only threw ten picks all season which was just two more than Tom Brady. Both know how to make smart decisions and how to read a defense very well. Brady is 17-6 in the playoffs, posting an 11-2 record at home in the postseason. The only teams to beat him were the Ravens (2009) and the Jets (2010). Now everything might come full circle, with Lewis retiring after the season.

Adversity has been the topic of conversation throughout the media with the Ravens being the underdog once again, but not in the Castle. That is the key everybody talks about , momentum, the Ravens have it right now. They are motivated and prepared mentally for the challenge and history awaits the outcome.


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