BALTIMORE (WJZ)— Recent storms in Maryland downed thousands of trees and power lines. It’s a dangerous problem BGE recently asked local elementary schools to take on.

Monique Griego has more on the contest to make the best safety video.

Schools across the central Maryland region participated in the contest. On Thursday, we found out just who won the $10,000 prize.

After severe weather strikes Maryland, downed power lines can be a dangerous problem.

So BGE asked local elementary schools to compete in a contest to make the best safety video based off of the utility’s own “Wires Down” commercial.

“To have a challenge to have the kids make their own video, what a wonderful way for them to learn more about safety to participate,” said Ken DeFontes, BGE president.

In all, 30 schools competed for a $10,000 grand prize.

And Thursday, after tallying more than 65,000 votes, BGE’s president told the students at  Vincent Farm Elementary they’d won. And the kids went crazy!

Their video teaches kids about the dangers of touching downed power lines.

The students that created it were shocked by their first place finish.

“I was just like ‘That’s amazing!’ I didn’t know that it was possible because there were so many schools that did a good job,” said Erin Yu, fifth-grader.

“When they told us we were the first prize. I thought ‘Wow, we did it!’ When they called my name up, I started crying. It was all worth the hard work,” said Ruben Aquino, fourth-grader.

One of the biggest prizes for students is just knowing they’re helping to keep other kids safe.

“I feel really good about that because even though it’s just one video, that could save tons of lives,” Aquino said.

The students will also get the chance to watch their winning commercial when it airs on local television this Sunday.

The school plans to use the money to buy a classroom set of mini iPads.


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