Baltimore Ravens @ New England Patriots…

If the Ravens are going to win this game they will need to do 3 things.  First they need to take care of the ball and win the turnover battle.  I believe the Ravens will have to win time of possession and keep Tom Brady off the field.  The most important thing in my opinion is getting 7 instead of 3.  If you get into the red zone you must score td’s, you cant expect to beat the Pats by kicking field goals.

The big question for the Patriots will be who do you take away?  Do you keep a safety over the top to eliminate the big play and force Joe Flacco to convert third downs on long drives? Or do you take away Ray Rice and sell out on stopping the run? The Patriots are great at making teams one-dimensional because of their defensive game plan and having Tom Brady get a lead can always force teams into throwing the ball.

My Prediction…

Joe Flacco keeps the hot hand and somehow, someway gets the job done… Ravens 27- Patriots 24.


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