BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Purple Pride hits a fever pitch in Maryland. Ravens fans are celebrating the AFC Championship win in Foxborough.

Derek Valcourt has more.

It’s hard to put it any other way.  When the game was over, the city went wild.

From Canton to Federal Hill to Fells Point, Ravens Nation cheered with pride.

When the game ended, fans rushed out of bars and literally danced in the streets celebrating their win.

“Doing the whole thing for Ray Lewis.  Tom Brady didn’t stand a chance,” said a fan.

In Federal Hill, hundreds filled Charles Street, shutting down traffic for an all-out celebration.

In Canton, they packed the Square.

“So awesome, so excited we’re going to the Super Bowl,” said another fan.  “Got a fantastic game and we are going to win the Super Bowl.”

Baltimore’s post-game party lasted longer than the game itself.

Baltimore fans are thrilled that this will be their first Super Bowl run since 2000.

Jessica Kartalija talks with excited fans at the Firehouse Tavern in Baltimore County.

Fans in Parkville were on the edge of their seats.

They came with high hopes.

“Been up all night just waiting for the game,” said a fan.

The first touchdown had fans on their feet, then another and two more to follow.

“It’s the greatest thing that’s happened since the Colts were here,” said a fan.

“I think we needed this after last season,” said a fan.

“I said it before when Ray announced his retirement: his ride would end with the Super Bowl,” said a third fan.  “And it’s going to happen that way. Ray’s going to get another ring.”

The Har-Bowl kicks off in New Orleans.

For many people, it was more than just a football game.  They wanted to see a Super Bowl, they wanted to do it for Ray and for the city of Baltimore.


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