BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Ravens fans in Baltimore City went wild Sunday night after the team defeated the New England Patriots and advanced to the Super Bowl. The streets are calm now, but the excitement continues for fans and local business owners.

Derek Valcourt has more on the overwhelming excitement from Ravens fans.

The parties we saw in the streets Sunday night may be over, but the Ravens excitement lives on.

Within seconds of the game’s end, thousands of Baltimore residents flooded the streets unleashing their enthusiasm.

“When the town erupted afterwards, horns honking, people flooding out in the streets, it was just the best day ever,” one woman described the scene.

From Federal Hill to Canton to Fells Point, fans went wild.

“People were kind of reserved during the game, but after the game it was amazing,” a woman said.

“Whooo yeah!” a fan screamed.

“It’s needed. It’s a good morale booster for everybody,” a fan said.

Not only was the game a morale boost for the state, but it was a huge boost for local businesses.

“Last week’s game was good.  This surpassed it,” a local bar manager said.

Some sports bars had lines out the door of fans waiting to get in.

Managers were thrilled for the team and for what the victories mean to their bottom lines.

“Anytime we can get a bump like this in mid-January it’s great for us. It’s great for the neighborhood. It’s great for the city,” a local bar manager said.

With the Patriots now in the rear view mirror, fans will have to channel all that energy as they look ahead to the Super Bowl.

Meanwhile, local bars are picking up more supplies in anticipation of hosting some huge Super Bowl parties.


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