BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Freezing temperatures and the threat of more snow continue to linger across Maryland.  Snow fell Thursday morning–making for a messy commute.

Rochelle Ritchie has more.

A Code Blue alert remains in effect as temperatures continue to remain steady at freezing. The snowfall we’ve seen is expected to increase–meaning more danger on the road and a longer wait for warm weather.

The sound of winter.

“It’s beautiful, I love the snow and it’s just a beautiful day. The wind’s not blowing so it’s not too cold, even though it’s 21 degrees,” said Kevin Smeltzer.

On top of the frigid temperatures–cold enough to freeze a river in east Baltimore County–there’s now a dusting of snow.

“Unexpected, but not bad. We’ve been very lucky this year,” Janet Easter said.

Baltimore City residents woke up to find their cars covered in snowflakes. Folks like Bill from TV Hill used anything they could find at home to sweep it away.

“This is nothing. All I need is a broom, I don’t need a shovel,” Bill said.

Photo Gallery: Cold Weather Hits Maryland

The snow blanketed roads making for a tricky and dangerous commute to work.

Driver: “From Route 91 to the Metro Station is took me about 40 minutes.”
Reporter: “What does it normally take?”
Driver: “About 12-or-15.”

AAA responded to a number of accidents and stalled vehicles as people made their way around town.

“It’s always like that during this type of season,” said Tyrone Davis, AAA. “This is probably the fifth call.”

Besides the risk on vehicles because of freezing temperatures, the cold is also impacting people’s health.

“We saw quite a few people with hypothermia and certainly patients that don’t take care of themselves found outside, laying outside for long periods of time. It could be really, really devastating,” said Dr. Dov Frankel, Sinai Hospital.

A Code Blue alert issued by the Baltimore City Health Department remains in effect until Sunday, so layers remain in order for the rest of the week. And unless it’s absolutely necessary to go out, stay home.


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