We have everything from a big warmup to another cool down to ice, thunderstorms, rain, and snow on the agenda this week.  First up is the chance for ice.

A warm front is moving our way.  Typically, warm fronts have clouds and moisture arrive well ahead of the front and the warm air doesn’t arrive until the front has passed.  So clouds will come in Sunday and then light rain will break out overnight.  Unfortunately, temperatures here at the ground will still be below freezing when that happens.  That’s why a winter weather advisory will go into effect for most of the state starting at 3 a.m. (1 a.m. western Md.) and continuing through noon.  Even though the amount of rain will be very light and spotty, it will freeze when it hits the ground – and any ice or chance of ice is a major issue.  It will look like plain rain coming out of the sky, but will freeze on whatever it lands on.

What also comes with a warm front, is warmer air.  Cold air is dense and hard to overtake, so temperatures will be slow to rise Monday.  Any freezing rain will become plain rain as we move through the day and temperatures eventually get to the upper 30s/near 40 degrees.  However, by Tuesday we jump to possible 50s and then Wednesday the 60s!  Upper 60s, that is!

Just as quickly as we warm up, we go right back down again.  A strong cold front is moving our way.  This front may produce severe weather for the fans and team down in New Orleans on Tuesday before arriving our way with rain and thunderstorms Wednesday night/Thursday morning.  This front is also going to bring a fresh round of Arctic air for the end of the week and weekend.  Highs will drop way down below average once again to the upper 20s and 30s.  There is the chance for another Clipper to bring some snow again in this new round of cold air – possibly Friday.


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