Okay I get it, Joe Flacco should not have used the word “retarded” when describing the NFL decision to have the Super Bowl in the Meadowlands next year. He is a veteran quarterback and should be much more media savvy and more over should drop that word from his vocabulary altogether. It makes him sound either immature or low rent.

(Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

(Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

However, he is basically correct in my opinion. Having the Super Bowl in an open stadium in a cold weather city is just plain stupid.

Before you start typing the hate mails calling me a wuss and worse keep in mind I’m from New York and played Division 3 football on the Canadian border. I’m fine with football being played in the cold and frankly detest domed stadiums. Actually, there is nothing that says football more to me than to watch a December game in Green Bay or Buffalo during a snowstorm.

That’s not the issue. The problem is by having the game in the NYC area during February could potentially ruin the experience for the fans. I don’t mean the game experience, I mean all the pre-game fun that goes on for days in SB cities. If I’m going to spend a small fortune to experience a Super Bowl I want the whole experience. I want to stroll the streets of New Orleans, Miami or Tampa and enjoy the warm weather during February. I want to walk in and out of bars and restaurants in a t shirt and not have to worry about a blizzard delaying or canceling my flight.

I also better than anyone understand that if there is any city in the world where you could have a good time in the winter it is NYC, but once this happens then what? Green Bay gets a shot?Chicago? Buffalo? C’mon make me a cocktail and pass the sun screen I want them down south.

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