By Mark Viviano

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Three days to go until the Ravens take on the 49ers on Super Bowl Sunday. The Ravens and 49ers are gearing up for the big showdown.

Mark Viviano talked to players about how they’re preparing to take on the 49ers.

The Ravens marched into the media room for one last round of interviews.

“It’s the ultimate. You know, when we walked on the practice field yesterday, the first thing we said was, ‘Wow, we’re practicing football.’ A lot of them forgot about the game and that’s all we’re here for. Don’t take your mindset nowhere else,” said Ray Lewis.

“It’s our last day of media and we’ll put all that aside and start really focusing on the game and preparing ourselves to play in this one,” said Dennis Pitta.

Not just playing the game, but playing to beat San Francisco. Getting to the Super Bowl is great; losing the game is not.

“One thing I took away from my first Super Bowl is you don’t want to walk away not holding that trophy,” said Anquan Boldin. “For me, it’s bugged me since that day.”

“You lose the Super Bowl, you’re in second place. You’re a loser. You get roped out and the other team is out there celebrating. You get totally forgotten about. You’re known as the people who lost in the Super Bowl,” said Ray Rice.

The Ravens have been to the Super Bowl once and the 49ers have been five times. Neither team has lost in the Super Bowl.

To see how the NFL experience is set up for New Orleans visitors, click here.

Make sure to tune in for our Super Showdown specials Friday at 7:30 p.m. and Saturday night at 8. We will be live in New Orleans and Baltimore with everything you need to get ready for the big game.

WJZ is the only place you can watch the Super Bowl. We will have complete coverage all day Sunday.


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