BALTIMORE (WJZ)—We’ve heard a lot about the Harbaugh family in the lead up to the Super Bowl. But there’s another family that’s gearing up for the big game: the Flaccos.

Mary Bubala reports a convoy of Joe Flacco’s family is headed to New Orleans.

Before they left we caught up with Flacco’s parents as they soak in their son’s success.

It will be the biggest game of their son’s career, and Steve and Karen Flacco say they’re trying to wrap their heads around it.

“It hasn’t sunk in yet, really,” Karen said. “I think it’s going to take until the day of the game with the crowd and with all that.”

More than 60 Flacco family members and close friends will be in New Orleans to watch Flacco play, including his immediate family from South Jersey, his five siblings and his parents, of course.

“We used to laugh because we’d say ‘Look, when you leave this house you represent us, and we want you to represent us properly.’ Well, now we represent him more than he represents us. So we have to be on our best behavior,” Steve Flacco said with a laugh.

As much as the Flaccos have enjoyed the ride, it’s not always easy with all the pressure on their son.

“I will try to do my best to stay out of reading the media, watching the media things like that, no offense, but just because that hype will get to me because that’s how I am,” Karen said. “He’s very calm. Joe gets his calm from his father, not from his mother.”

So the “Joe cool” comes from dad, and Steve Flacco sets the tone for Sunday.

“We’d be happy to have our son play well because that’s the focus really: ‘I want to go out, do my thing. I want to play well. The chips are going to fall where they may,’ but that’s not how the rest of the world sees it,” Steve said. “Winning deflects all of the criticism because the criticism is going to come when you lose whether it’s warranted or not.”

Steve Flacco seems as grounded as his son!

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