By Mark Viviano

BALTIMORE (WJZ) –Baltimore is a blue collar town with a blue collar quarterback.

Sports director Mark Viviano has more on the Ravens quarterback’s personality.

Super Bowl history has a lot of Joes. There’s Joe Namath with the Jets and the original “Joe Cool,” Joe Montana, of the old San Francisco 49ers.

But the Ravens Joe Flacco is not going to fill up reporters’ notebooks with any exciting phrases or boasts.

Flacco will tell you, he lets his play do his talking. And that’s said plenty:  eight touchdown passes, no interceptions in three playoff games to get the Ravens to the Super Bowl.

Off the field, some say Flacco is downright dull.

Is that so, Joe?

“I don’t know if I would say I’m dull, but I’m probably close to it,” he said with a laugh.

“I said ‘Joe, do you golf?’ Joe was like ‘Naw, I don’t golf.’  ‘Do you fish?’ ‘I don’t fish.’ I was like ‘Well, what do you do on your off time?’ He was like ‘I just like to sit around. I like to stay down in my basement,'” teammate Matt Birk said.

“People have been telling me that my dad was quoted calling me that,” Flacco said with a smile. “I think the bottom line is that I think he takes that as a compliment because it probably means that I’m going out there and carrying myself in a good manner.”

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“That’s just Joe. He’s definitely not the pretty boy quarterback,” Birk said. “He’s just Joe.”

“I don’t really concern myself with that. It’s all good with me,” Flacco said.

Classic Joe Flacco story: When he signed his multi-million dollar rookie contract, he wanted to give a gift to his mom. She asked for a lawn mower. So, he brought her a lawn mower.

He’s practical. There’s nothing wrong with practical. Some think that’s dull.

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