The Superdome is about to rock on Sunday. The Ravens and the 49ers are ready to make the place electric and hit the gridiron to play Super Bowl XLVII. It will be the biggest game of these players lives, some of them will not get another chance at it again.

 (Photo by Michael Heiman/Getty Images)

(Photo by Michael Heiman/Getty Images)

One of those players is Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis… Yes, he’s the ONLY Raven with a Super Bowl ring already, but with a pending retirement after this game, the players want to send him out the “proper” way. Lewis stated that the whole organization is focused, “I saw a total change, not just in our players, but our entire staff. We are all dialed in. It became so infectious in our locker room, and it was like, ‘What else can we do?’ The players – we kind of took it over for ourselves years ago. We took it over ourselves, where we kind of took the coaches out of the meetings, saying, ‘Coach, we got this. We are going to go through everything you’ve taught us already, but when we leave here, we are going to have a meeting with just ourselves.’ The attention to detail picked up so quickly. I think those meetings are one of the reasons why, collectively as a group – offense, defense and special teams – why we are playing at a high level.” He has a vision with the team that they will walk off that field with the Lombardi trophy. All the players on the team will have to work together to accomplish the same goal. It is the motive that drives the players on the franchise that is “the team, the team, the team.”

Lewis also addressed the impact of this game, and how he will feel after, “When I walk off that field Sunday, I will probably be most proud of the impact I’ve had on so many men’s lives. The game will fade one day, numbers will fall, accolades will wash away, but there is nothing better than changing someone’s life. To be in Baltimore for 17 years, and getting the opportunity to walk off the biggest stage ever, and to one day look back – and still today, I listen to men walk by men and say, “Thank you for helping me. Thank you for changing my life. Thank you for showing me the right way.’ I think that is the ultimate reward.” The Ravens as a team have a lot on their side for this match-up. Momentum, inspiration, leadership and certainly experience in big games. How will they contain Colin Kaepernick? , hopefully with the knowledge of DC Dean Pees and the leaderships of Lewis, Suggs and Reed.. If the Ravens walk out of the dome as the Super Bowl Champions it will be forever more and their lives will never be the same ….




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