There’s a big storm on the way – but not for us.

Before we get to that storm, let’s talk about our current weather.  Sunshine has returned and temperatures have climbed above average.  We topped out at 44 degrees Wednesday afternoon, and the average is 43 degrees.  We may come up slightly short of that Thursday with clouds taking over again.

The clouds moving our way are streaming ahead of two different storms that are heading toward the Northeast.  They are going to merge into one larger storm off the New Jersey coastline – just after they pass us.  This combined storm is going to bring a bout of winter weather that includes high winds and snow measured in feet.  A winter storm watch has been issued from upstate Pa. and N.J. all they way into New England, with a blizzard watch for the Boston metro area.  Notice, that is all to our north.  For us, we could get a mix of sleet and snow overnight Thursday/early Friday morning before the warmer air comes rushing in and changes everything solidly to plain rain.  When the storm starts cranking to our northeast, it will bring colder air in and there may be a quick burst of snow before ending Friday night.  But this is mainly going to be rain for Maryland.

Colder air will make a quick return to the Mid-Atlantic Saturday with gusty winds and highs in the 30s.  However, an even bigger warmup is moving our way next week.  Highs will make a jump to the 50s.


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