By Jessica Kartalija

WILMINGTON, Del. (WJZ) – Three people are dead following a shooting inside a Delaware courthouse.

Jessica Kartalija has the latest on the investigation.

Police are trying to determine a motive behind the shooting.

Delaware police are still trying to figure out what led to an early morning shooting inside a Wilmington courthouse.

“A lone gunman walked into the lobby area of the county courthouse and opened fire,” said Delaware State Police Sgt. Paul Shavack.

It happened around 8 a.m. Monday.

“As soon as I walked in, I heard two shots and that’s when I turned around and ran out of the building,” said courthouse employee Jose Valtron.

Two women were killed; one is believed to be the suspect’s ex-wife. Police are now saying it stemmed from a domestic dispute.

“She just said, `There’s been a shooting,’ and as I stated once before, I couldn’t make out what she was saying because she was so distraught. I am not exactly sure if it happened in front of her or whatever the case may be,” said a witness.

Two Capitol police officers were also shot but were wearing bulletproof vests and are expected to survive.

The suspect was also discovered dead at the scene.

“We are still investigating whether that was a result of the exchange of gunfire or a self-inflicted gunshot wound,” Sgt. Shavack said.

The New Castle County Courthouse was evacuated and police searched all 12 floors of the building to ensure there was not another gunman on scene.

Catherine Hendricks works inside the building.

“I have talked to them several times,” Hendricks said. “They were moved to Jury Services and I understand they were searched and one of my judge’s secretaries was escorted out of the building. She was escorted by a SWAT member.”

The shooting happened on the same day Wilmington’s police chief was supposed to attend a round table discussion with Vice President Joe Biden on gun safety.

Police aren’t releasing details on the identity of the victims.


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