(Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)

(Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)

Vinny watched the Grammys Sunday night. Rob didn’t. He feels that watching talented artists on television is a waste of time, but he was happy to talk Orioles.

The fans sound disappointed in the off-season moves, or lack there of. A caller is concerned they’re not willing to pay for players. Rob sticks up for Joe Saunders and his abilities as a pitcher, it’s not just ‘luck’ that he played like he did in the post season. Vinny has faith in the players improving from last season, “They’re just counting on the younger guys being better.”

Nolan Reimold is a big topic of conversation as well. When is he going to have a healthy season to perform at the level that he plays when he’s not injured? The Orioles continue to “roll the dice” on him to hope for a healthy year. Same goes for Brian Roberts and his injuries the past few years. Roberts faces a duel issue of injury and age.

Another fan calls in to defend the team, calling people ‘bandwagoners’ from last year.

Listen here:


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