Former Maryland Terrapin basketball player Walt “The Wizard” Williams joined the Norris & Davis Show to talk about Terps basketball and their chances of making the NCAA Tournament.

Steve & Bob asked Walt what happened to the Terps and why they couldn’t carry momentum from the Duke game to the Boston College game. Walt said that BC just out hustled Maryland and the Terps didn’t bring their A Game.

Bob & Steve asked who gets the blame for Terps not showing up. Walt said there is plenty of blame to go around including the fact that the Terps are so young they didn’t realize the severity of the situation.

Steve asked Walt how he assesses Alex Len’s drop off in performance from the Duke game to the BC game. Walt said Alex’s game is all about his comfort level. When he is being covered 1 on 1 he is extremely comfortable and performs but when he is double teamed he loses his confidence.

Walt was asked who is better Michael Jordan or Lebron James and can Lebron surpass MJ. Walt said that Lebron has the abilities to surpass Michael but he is not even close yet.

Walt was also asked who is better in their prime Kobe Bryant or Lebron James. Walt said in his prime Lebron dominates the game more than Kobe does because of his size and versatility and ability to play multiple positions.

Finally Steve asked Walt if the Terps will make the tournament. Walt thinks the Terps have the talent to do it but they need to be more consistent. Walt believes if the Terps can put it together they can go on a winning streak and make the tournament.


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