(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

Baltimore Orioles pitcher Chris Tillman joins The Scott Garceau Show with Jeremy Conn, from Florida to break down the Orioles spring training.

Jeremy asks Chris about his process and “getting your work in” with how he approaches pre-season games. Chris says early he wants to work on fastball command, later on you try to develop the rest of the pitches, like you’re going to in the regular season. Scott is interested in whether or not Chris is approaching this season differently than previous years, since he sort of established himself last year and “turned the corner, so to speak. The competition is a “fun” thing and a good way to approach the season. The only difference that Chris notes is that this year he knows what he has to work on and what he has to do. He wants to come into the season like he has every other year. It seems the healthy and smart way to go into it. The previous season ended on a high note, last season for Tillman and the O’s making it to the post season.

Tillman was very happy to be a part of a post season run on this team. Win or lose the team was always looking forward and motivated to win the next one, not dwelling on the past. Baltimore fans jumped in in the playoffs and Camden Yards was electric. Chris said it was like having a tenth player on the field.

The young arms are an exciting part of the pre-season talks and games. Tillman likes Bundy and Gausman. He got to know Bundy last year, on and off the field. He hasn’t stolen any of Gausman’s doughnuts yet either.

The guys ask Chris about some of his goals for the season. Chris knows that he’s gotta be healthy and not set the bar too high, because the league will definitely humble you if you get too high. He also talks about how having Brady Anderson around has changed the workouts. The main focus is to stay healthy.

Downtime sounds like a bunch of fun for the guys down in Sarasota; movies, golf, fishing and the beach. The first priority though is to get ready and stay healthy for the long season ahead.


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