Baltimore Orioles short stop JJ Hardy joined Ed & Steve to talk about spring training and the upcoming season.

(Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

(Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

Steve asked JJ where is his gold glove from last year, and JJ said they haven’t received there gold gloves yet and they’ll get them before a game this year. He also said he’ll either put it on his mantle or give it to his parents once he gets it.

Ed asked JJ about Chris Davis and how strong he is. JJ said Chris is like Paul Bunyan and it is really impressive to watch him take batting practice saying he is “super strong”.

Steve asked JJ if he saw Ryan Flaherty’s highlight play at short stop. JJ said he didn’t see it because he didn’t travel with the team yesterday but he heard about it at breakfast. JJ then went on to say Ryan Flaherty is a great utility guy who can fit in pretty much anywhere and give guys a day off when needed.

JJ also said that Kevin Gausman has been impressive this spring and that Gausman has “pretty good stuff”.

And Ed asked JJ the question about the media saying the Orioles are going to finish in last in the division and if it bothers him. JJ said he is not bothered one bit by it, and reminded the guys that last year everyone was picking the Orioles for last and we went to the playoffs.

Finally JJ said that Manny Machado is special because of his awareness and how well he adapts to any situation. JJ said Manny only played 1 game at 3rd base in the minors before coming up and playing 3rd in the pros at an elite level.


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